The Energy Leadership Platform (ELP), set up by the CIPR, is the first Energy PR thinktank in the world. It is designed to engage with the key issues that matter to the energy industry nationally and internationally and create regular and high-level content that can contribute to the wider energy debate in the UK and globally.

The ELP seeks to demonstrate the intelligence, sophistication and value that strategic communications can bring to the energy industry, with the ultimate overarching objective of articulating the value of Public Relations as a strategic management function.

The ELP seeks to be representative of the whole energy industry by bringing together a diverse range of senior, strategic communicators with deep experience and outstanding expertise. The ELP welcomes new membership applications and seeks broader participation in its research studies.

Published works and current opportunities to get involved are set out below.

Published Work

Live Research

  • CIPR ELP Senior Leaders Survey – 20 Questions

The CIPR's Energy Leadership Platform (ELP) survey of senior leaders is designed to deepen our understanding of the standing and operation of our profession within the energy sector, and to inform future outputs of the CIPR ELP.

We are looking to gather the perspectives of communications professionals across a diverse range of sectors and geographies in the energy industry. Please take part and share with other senior communications in the energy industry.

Your responses will be kept anonymous. Our aim is to gather as many responses as possible by Friday, 15th November 2019. The survey consists of 20 questions and should only take around 20 minutes complete. The data will inform the research and work of the ELP.

  • Public relations skills for energy organisations

The CIPR ELP’s best practice guide sets out the core skills required within public relations and communications teams across the energy sector, the make up of teams and the continuing professional development required to make them fit for the future. The guide is currently under development.

  • Public relations as a strategic management function in the energy industry

This CIPR ELP research paper is examining 1) why public relations is a strategic, rather than support, function within the energy industry and 2) how strategic communicators shape how the energy industry responds to its changing external landscape.

  • New consumers, different public relations

This CIPR ELP research paper is exploring the impact of modern consumer behaviour and values on the energy sector and how the industry needs to adapt. The ELP is inviting organisations across the energy sector to participate in this study.

Please contact the ELP co-chairs, Ella Minty and Paddy Blewer to find out more.

  •  Why public relations holds a seat on strategic management boards

This CIPR ELP position paper sets out why trust and public purpose is fundamental to organisational survival, and how strategic communicators and public relations professionals deliver critical insights and social contracts. This paper is under development.

  • A long-term view of the bottom line

This CIPR ELP analysis looks at how public relations and strategic communications teams add value to the bottom line, and are as valuable to organisations as bankers, accountants and lawyers. The ELP is inviting organisations across the energy sector to participate. Please contact the ELP co-chairs, Ella Minty and Paddy Blewer to find out more.

  • Common sense & shared practice: Where energy communicators can learn from other sectors

This CIPR ELP study will look at the way other sectors (such as food, retail, sport and finance) operate and explore how energy communicators can benefit from best practice in other sectors. The ELP is inviting energy communicators with backgrounds in other sectors to participate. Please contact the ELP co-chairs, Ella Minty and Paddy Blewer to find out more.

Past Events

  • 22 November 2018 | CIPR Energy Leadership Platform at the IEA World Energy Outlook – looking to 2040 | Energy Institute, London, UK
  • 9th to 12th September 2019 | CIPR Energy Leadership Platform at the 24th World Energy Congress | Abu Dhabi, UAE


  • Ella Minty (co-Chair) – Corporate Affairs Adviser
  • Paddy Blewer (co-Chair) – Corporate Communications Advisor
  • Joanne Allday - Cromarty Firth Port Authority
  • Stephen Ballard – BCM Public Relations
  • Andrew Bradshaw – Fifth Ring
  • Cristina Chapman – British Geological Survey
  • Yasser Mohamed – Sadara Chemical Company
  • Stuart Neil – International Chamber of Shipping
  • Claire Newell - World Association of Nuclear Operators
  • Anthea Pitt - Wood Mackenzie
  • Jamie Robertson - Ketchum
  • Roseanne Thomas - Cadent
  • Gareth Wynn - Oil and Gas UK
  • Nick Turton - Energy Institute

Contact information

For information on the Energy Leadership Platform please contact the co-Chairs, Ella Minty and Paddy Blewer.