Engage podcast series

Published every quarter, Engage is a CIPR podcast digging deep into the challenges and opportunities facing PR and comms practitioners right now.

This series brings a range of perspectives to the discussions from across the industry, offering insight as well as food for thought to learn and challenge your own mindset – regardless of where you are in your PR and comms career.

Engage has been produced for PR practitioners but the themes explored will prove valuable for anyone working alongside PR and comms teams, or with an interest in the issues affecting the profession.

CIPR members can earn 5 CPD points for listening to an episode of Engage.

episode 1: Doing diversity differently

Diversity is about far more than just ticking boxes and as the CIPR's 'Race in PR' report shows, there is still much more for the sector to do to better reflect the society that it communicates with.

This debate highlights the findings from the report, why the PR industry is still struggling to attract diverse talent and what organisations should consider when shaping their diversity inclusion programmes and policies.

With guest presenters Avril Lee, Katrina Marshall, Melissa Lawrence and Sara Hawthorn.

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Episode 2: Building resilience

2021 may not have got off with the start we’d all hoped for, making navigating the ongoing COVID-19 crisis even more challenging for self-employed practitioners and teams.

For this quarter’s episode, guests Amanda Coleman, Rebecca Mander and Sharon Flaherty will be sharing their first-hand experiences with host Dan Jones to provide practical tips and takeaways for building resilience and accessing support in today’s tough climate.

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Episode 3: Hybrid working 

The pandemic has provided an opportunity to explore how we can work differently in a post-COVID world. It’s a very different landscape for a lot of organisations with many proposing to adopt a hybrid working model as opposed to going back to the office full-time. 

This episode explores the opportunities and benefits for PR and comms practitioners of implementing a flexible hybrid working approach and what needs to be considered – including technology, ways of working, the patterns, the rhythm of the organisation, and how it all interlinks together.

With guest presenters Jenni Field, Kate Shaw, Martin Flegg and Sofia Cann.

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Episode 4: Inspiring Social Purpose

Social purpose is continuing to capture the attention of the C-suite and boardrooms but what exactly is it and what role can PR and comms teams play in supporting their clients and organisations to be more purposeful? 

In this episode, host Andy Green FCIPR and guests Shannon Walker founder of Social Disruption, Matt Appleby director at Grow Social Capital and Ben Caspersz founder and managing director at Claremont, explore the misconceptions around social purpose and why in a post-pandemic world, purpose has emerged as an even stronger imperative. 

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Episode 5: Strategic communicators

The entire world has been changed by the Coronavirus pandemic and as communicators, we've seen boards come forward and ask for interventions and advice in ways that have never happened before.

In this episode, host Sarah Pinch and guests Alex Aiken, Executive Director for Government Communications and James Powell, Head of Group Communications at Irwin Mitchell explore what it means to be a strategic communicator, to be a professional, and how communicators are elevating and repositioning themselves.

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Episode 6: Accessible communications

One billion people, or 15% of the world's population, experience some form of disability with the World Health Organisation estimating that two billion people will need at least one assistive communication, memory, or hearing aid in the next 10 years.

In episode 6, host Zach Cutler, CEO of Propel, and guests explore the role PR and comms practitioners can play in helping businesses and organisations better understand, and think differently about, accessibility and standards.

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