About our Policy, campaigns and research

Our policy agenda assists us in providing an authoritative voice on the business and practice of public relations and allows us to dedicate our work to raising standards. It provides relevant and useful information through our research, seeks to increase knowledge on key issues affecting the industry, enables us to develop our campaigns and represent the profession to our stakeholders. It ensures we are able to provide members with the most up to date information, enabling them to work to their best ability and to the highest ethical standards.


The opinions of our members are key to interactions with the government. We occasionally ask members for their views on changes to proposed government policy and ensure that these opinions are voiced through our consultations. A list of previous consultations can be found here.

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Our research reports explore the trends, issues and challenges impacting the public relations profession. This includes our annual State of the Profession research - the largest and most statistically robust investigation of its kind and explores everything from skills and salaries to diversity and gender pay.

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Artificial Intelligence

The CIPR Artificial Intelligence (#AIinPR) panel was founded in 2018 to explore the impact of artificial intelligence on public relations and the wider business community. The panel has established an international reputation as a centre of excellence for promoting knowledge and understanding of AI.

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Brexit presents an opportunity across all specialisms of the public relations. Practitioners have a vital role to play in helping their organisations through the complexities that Brexit presents. We provide monthly reports and guidance for the profession as well as for businesses on how to employ their PR functions effectively to navigate uncertainty.

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There are both strong moral and business cases for diversity in public relations. Diverse teams, representative of the audiences they seek to engage, deliver better public relations. Our research highlights that diversity in public relations remains low and, in some cases, is getting worse.

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Energy Leadership Platform

The CIPR's Energy Leadership Platform is designed to engage with the key issues that matter to the energy industry nationally and internationally. It brings together a diverse range of senior, strategic communicators to demonstrate the value that strategic communications can bring to the energy industry.

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Influencer Marketing 

The Influencer Marketing Panel’s purpose is to educate and empower CIPR members ...

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Gender Pay

Gender pay is a national and cross-industry issue. Over the past few years, our research has shows the gap is shrinking but too slowly. We have produced research and a range of resources to assist organisations communicate their gender pay gap and provide practical support to members on maternity, paternity and adoption issues. 

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Lobbying is a discipline within public relations where the general intention of the activity is to inform and influence public policy and law. We provide guidance on lobbying compliance and information on our campaign to improve legislation to increase transparency and ethical practice in this discipline.

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Mental Health

Mental health and wellbeing is an issue that has far reaching consequences for employees and businesses. Data shows that PR has a mental health problem. Together with CIPR Health Group we have developed a range of #CIPRWellbeing resources for practitioners and organisations looking to support their staff.

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PR Pays

The #PRpays campaign is a series of exclusive interviews with business leaders. They aim to highlight the strategic value of public relations to the business community through its contributing to organisational success.

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