The role of psychology in campaign design

The role of psychology in campaign design

The role of psychology in campaign design

Psychology, campaign, design, measurement, plan, leadership, behaviour

Course aim
This course illustrates how psychology can increase the impact of your campaigns on the attitudes and behaviours of your stakeholders. It will show you how to use psychological principles to segment your audience effectively, grab their attention and influence how they feel and act towards your brand.

Who should attend?
This course will be useful for those people designing and managing PR campaigns which are aimed at changing perceptions or behaviours.

What to expect

  • an insight into how the brain influences what we see, think and do
  • practical tips and techniques for influencing attitudes and behaviours
  • the opportunity to discuss experiences and learnings with fellow delegates in an open and inclusive environment.

Course objectives
Participation in the course will provide you with an insight into:

  • how psychology is relevant to PR
  • the challenges of influencing attitudes and behaviours
  • the psychology of communication
  • how to grab attention
  • how to segment your audience using motivators
  • how to influence attitudes
  • how to encourage behaviour change
  • real-life examples of successful psychologically influenced campaigns.
18/08/2022 09:30 - 16:30

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