Pitching for business

Pitching for business

Pitching for business

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Course aim

This course will help you to successfully pitch for new business from the conception of a project or brief to the end review, with the main focus of the day being on creating and delivering an impactful, memorable pitch.

Who should attend?
Suitable for experienced professionals around mid-level looking to improve on their business pitching skills.

What to expect

  • A highly participative workshop
  • Tools, Tips, tricks and strategies to improve your pitch process 
  • Interactive discussions Small group brief challenge and creation
  • Practise of individual and small group pitching with feedback
  • Trying out of some negotiation tactics in terms of price

Course objectives

Participation in the course will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • know what to do when the project or brief appears 
  • create a strong, coherent, and engaging campaign
  • understand how to use story and structure effectively
  • recognise when to use visual aids and other clever devices
  • master impactful delivery and pitching well as a team
  • create and maintain buy in
  • hold or negotiate the price point
  • review and facilitate the wash up constructively both before and after the outcome is known
18/08/2022 09:30 - 15:30

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