Organisational leadership skills

Organisational leadership skills

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PLEASE NOTE: This is the core course and is part of Level 5 Leadership &  Management and is only open to CIPR members. Click here for information on becoming a member, alternatively you can book onto this course directly through Impellus. 

Course Aim
This course allows high-performing Managers to consider how leadership style and culture affect results and provides effective tools to lead in line with organisational direction.

Who should attend?
Middle and Senior Managers who want to consider style, culture and how they affect performance and output. The course centres on the Manager’s role as a leader, motivator and organiser of people in line with an organisation’s objectives.

What to expect

  • Discover your natural leadership style and how to use or change it in different situations for best results
  • Open discussions and insights into other organisational situations
  • Reflect and analyse how your organisation’s structure and culture impacts day-to-day activities and performance

Course objectives
Participation in the course will provide you with knowledge of:

  • Become aware of cultural impact and its bearing on organisational performance
  • Understand natural leadership style and how it affects results
  • Understand the values of the organisation and/or department and their importance
  • Engage staff and junior management
  • Give feedback of all kinds that encourages positive behaviours
  • Understand motivation at an individual level
  • Develop ways of vision setting
  • Understand transactional and transformational leadership
19/05/2022 09:30 - 20/05/2022 16:30
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